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Datu Swing

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"The Ocean Swing"

Gili Trawangan is a beautiful island with amazing scenery. One of the famous iconic spot is Ocean Swing (Datu Swing). Datu Swing is destined for the tourists to be the first Ocean Swing in Gili Trawangan itself. Because of its popularity, this swing is better known than Gili Trawangan island itself.

The ocean swing "Datu Swing" on Gili Trawangan, located on our 200m beach is one of the most cherished experiences for many visitors to the island. Although we are not technically in Bali, MTV Australia has named the Datu Swing as one of the top “7 Activities to do in Bali with an epic backdrop”:

Datu Swing was built as Hotel Ombak Sunset's icon, made in 2014 and had a great impact to Gili Trawangan, since the construction of Datu Swing, others Ocean Swing began to surfacing in all corners of Gili Trawangan.

The name Datu is the traditional name for the highest royal caste in Lombok. As you witness the beauty and awe of the magnificent sun descending behind the grand Mount Agung to the last drops of rays blessing the world in a gentle, warm orange glow - you can’t help but feel as if you are in the presence of royalty, and in those moments – you are safe, and sound with no worries.

The design is quite simple, with typical traditional engraving and Hotel Ombak Sunset logo layers of gold paint. With two seat (double swing) underneat between another swing that has single seat with an attractive appearance. Coupled with a pictureque stunning view, a vast expanse of ocean in the silhouette of Mount Agung, can be seen from Gili Trawangan.

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How to get to Datu Swing ?

To get to Datu Swing which is in front of Hotel Ombak Sunset itself, you can use cidomo (Horse cart), or bicycle riding which usually rented around harbor area about 10 to 15 minutes, and if walking from Gili Trawangan port is about 30 minutes you can reach Hotel Ombak Sunset, where Ocean Swing (Datu Swing) is located.

Should we stay at Hotel Ombak Sunset to take pictures at Datu Swing?

The answer is no. To be able to take pictures and immortalize your moments at Datu Swing in front of Hotel Ombak Sunset, you do not need to be a guest at Hotel Ombak Sunset, any guest is allowed to take pictures and capture the moment, even Hotel Ombak Sunset itself provides professional photographer service with a fairly cheap price, you can get prints of various sizes or soft copy in a Compact Disc with high resolution pictures, or if you bring a personal camera any hotel staff Ombak Sunset always willing to help you who want to take pictures In Datu Swing. But of course in order to get the satisfied pictures and close distance, you better stay at the Hotel Ombak Sunset. So, Book Now!

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